Educational Service Unit #17

Purpose Statement

Why we exist
ESU #17 is committed to partnering with its schools by providing support and resources to enhance teaching and learning. (May 1, 2007, affirmed May 18, 2012)

Mission Statement

How we will accomplish our Purpose
The mission of ESU #17 is to provide innovation, leadership and services for each member school district so they are successful in reaching their targeted educational goals. (Board Policy Article 1, Section 1B, August 11, 2009)

Vision Statement

What we are aspiring to become
ESU #17 will transform current educational practices to revive a passion for learning by empowering students through innovative, individualized, and inquiry based learning. (August 8, 2014)

Shared Values and Beliefs

In order to realize our Purpose, Mission, and Vision, we will
  • promote, support, and improve student engagement and learning
  • promote, support, and improve educator effectiveness
  • promote and support a conducive learning environment
  • lead, promote, support, and sustain a culture of improvement
  • use resources (e.g., human, capital) efficiently and effectively
    (January 3, 2014)

Agency Improvement Goal #1 Initiate a comprehensive evaluation process for all personnel, certificated and classified. (Indicator 2.6)
Agency Improvement Goal #2 Develop and initiate an evaluation process of programs and service to determine the impact on student and adult learning, cost-benefit analysis and the overall effectiveness of the agency. (5.1)
Agency Improvement Goal #3 Collect and analyze trend data that is synthesized and reported to determine the effectiveness of professional development opportunities, technology support, and those designated programs related to improving student engagement and learning. (5.2)